Plastic Waste Managment - Teaching Materials

PWM Teaching Materials is an educational platform for knowledge exchange with the clear goal to help utilization of plastic waste management in all spheres of society. 

The available materials target essential stakeholders and other smaller participants in the plastic waste management system.

New added materials


Teaching materials for consumers aim to spread awareness regarding issues that arise from plastic waste mismanagement and give information for separation of waste at sources. They target almost all spheres of society, from large scale groups such as younger population and students to the specific groups such as communities in coastal areas.


Waste managers

Teaching materials that address the training of people and organizations in charge of managing waste are classified as materials for waste managers. Collection, sorting, recycling and OHAS are the main topics of these publications. Additionally, the economic aspect of waste management and regulation guidance can be a significant part of the content.


The teaching materials that adress the extended producer responsibility (EPR) give guidance for the establishment the EPR scheme (collection, sorting, and recycling) and advices for fulfillment legal requirements. Furthermore, some materials have an economic aspect included, for example management costs. These materials are classified as materials suitable for producer responsibility organizations (PRO’s).


Informal Sector

The materials that address the collection, sorting, and OHAS in the context of informal waste pickers are classified as materials for the informal sector.

Informal sector